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Cloud-native Scalable Big-Data Stream Processing Platform.

Product specializing in connected car technology. Technology related to driver and vehicle analytics, communication and safety. Used by serveral insurers offering usaged-based car insurance that determines rates based on how and where a vehicle is driven.

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eAccess Platform

A patient access company offering innovative technology to streamline access to life enhancing therapies. So called “eAccess,” simplify and automate the patient on-boarding process for specialty products.

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Mero Bachat (Forced Saving Schema for Banking Customers)

The product aims to change this behavior of the people in Nepal. It helps them save with their will and also prevents them from breaking their saving for less important things.

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Let You Know

LetYouKnow is a nationwide automotive marketplace. Empower New Car Buyers as we streamline the entire new car shopping experience! As a buyer, research new cars and available deals. Facilitate inventory turnover efficiency to reduce transaction costs, and promote innovative methods to instantly match Buyers and Sellers. Data and engineering teams have developed a set of algorithms to perform instant buyer-to-seller matches based on a wide array of elasticity-related variables.

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Ecommerce - Online Shop- Progressive Web App

Ecommerce - Online Shop- Progressive Web App. MERN Stack based eCommerce platform. Online Shopping Cart. Server-side rendering (SEO friendly). __Features__ - Products (options, variants, attributes, categories) - Inventory & stock management - Customers & Orders - Pages & File manager

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Business Website for Tattoo Artist - Frenz Tattoo Inn

Business website for tattoo artist with contentful CMS and Gatsby Framework.

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